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West Seattle Landscape and Stone Supply offers easy and convenient delivery, a focused service area, split loads, and landscape project consultation.


How Delivery Works

We do [part of] the heavy lifting*

When you accept a quote from us our next step is to arrange for delivery to your location. This requires you to designate a drop point. We are not responsible for permitting or securing permission for your drop point. We usually ask that you mark the area with a tarp on delivery day to ensure we put it right where you want it - it helps with cleanup when you're done too!

We can deliver up to 11,000 pounds of material with our small dump truck. Generally that's gonna be about 6 cubic yards of light materials like wood chips, or roughly 4 cubic yards of heavier stuff like gravel.  

Our truck needs about 8ft 6in of width, to get into most places. Sometimes we can shave off an inch or two if we have to squeeze in somewhere.

Steep slopes and low overhead lines are common reasons we will have issues with a particular drop point. Slopes can be tricky as they "cancel out" the effective angle of our dump bed - this can result in an extra spread-out pile, or an inability to fully unload. Of course almost everyone in Seattle lives on a hill and what we can do varies from product to product. We'll let you know if there's a problem with the geometry, we like to keep the math to a minimum :-)

Be aware of these limitations when planning your project - a little preparation can save a LOT of perspiration!

We can get into almost all residential driveways and most paved and frequently used alleys. Our drivers are really careful about getting into spaces quickly and safely. We promise to always do our best to get it as close as possible to minimize your labor on moving and installing materials. Being aware of these factors will help your delivery go easy.

*We do not carry materials away from the drop off point, even on hand-unloaded products like flagstone. The labor to move and install your delivered materials is your responsibility!

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